It’s Here!

The Catholic East Texas Video we told you about!

A while back, we mentioned that the St. Philip Institute here in our diocese of Tyler, TX came out to interview two of our sisters for a feature called “East Texas Catholics”. Well, the video is up and we hope you’ll check it out! You can see it here on YouTube or watch it on our website. Enjoy!

Vocations in Black and White

St. Augustine

The Lord grant that you may observe all these precepts in a spirit of charity as lovers of spiritual beauty, giving forth the good odor of Christ in the holiness of your lives; not as slaves living under the law but as women living in freedom under grace.

The Rule of St. Augustine (followed by the Dominican nuns)


Drawing for prizes!

It’s that time of year again! We had our raffle drawing on August 22, and we’re so grateful to all the people who entered. As usual, it was so much fun we drew a few extra tickets for “surprise prizes”.

Sr. Mary Margaret shaking the tickets up really well
Who will it be?
Picking and grinning!
One of Sr. Mary Therese’s beautiful knitted creations
A surprise kittycat for one lucky winner

And people seemed delighted to receive their prizes, too, which made us happy.

Winner of a “Precious Moments” cross-stitch
His wife won it–but maybe they can share?

If you’d like a chance to win one of our great prizes next year, please send us an email with your name and mailing address, and we’ll put you on our newsletter list! Our newsletter, “Monastery Bells”, comes out twice a year, and we also send a Christmas card (with pocket calendar) and the raffle tickets. We won’t bother you too much, and we never sell our list!

Thanks again to everyone who made our 2021 Raffle so successful! We are deeply grateful for all your support, spiritual and temporal.

Happy Birthday, Sr. Maria Rosario!

We’ve got a lot of birthdays in August, and since this one was an important milestone, we had homemade cake and ice cream!

Our span is seventy years, and eighty for those who are strong! (Ps 90:10)

Sister Maria Rosario comes from Cuba, where she still has some family. Most of them, however, live in the States, and some were able to join her for this special occasion.

Sr. Maria Rosario has held many jobs in our monastery, working especially in the infirmary and diet kitchen (where special meals are prepared for those who need them). Her loving and nurturing ways make her a natural when it comes to health care!

These jobs are challenging ones, and Sister does them with her usual grace and good-natured style. We pray that she will keep active for many more years to come!

Happy Birthday, Sr. Mary Annunciata!

Sr. Mary Annunciata recently celebrated a big birthday! She is now 89 years old and going strong. A good friend sent her this lovely bouquet of yellow flowers–yellow is Sister’s favorite color.

Sister still comes to community exercises, including prayer, adoration, meals and recreation. She is especially delightful at recreation, where she keeps her companions laughing with her unique sense of humor!

Sr. Mary Annunciata is a wonderful example of the way a nun’s vocation flowers over time, becoming more and more open to God’s love and grace, so that she is able to give to the world a glimpse of the unending beauty of Jesus Christ. We wish you many years, Sr. Mary Annunciata!

St. Dominic’s Day 2021

We always celebrate the feast of St. Dominic with special solemnity, but this year has been extra-special as we also celebrate the 800th anniversary of Dominic’s dies natalis, or “birth into heaven”. The theme proposed by the Order for this year is “At Table With Dominic”, and uses the image above as its visual presentation–the mascarella table, a painting of Dominic and his friars eating a meal together. The actual date of Dominic’s death is August 6, but since the Transfiguration now falls on that date, we celebrate Dominic on August 8.

We began the day with a lovely Mass celebrated by our chaplain, Fr. Ian Bordenave.

Fr, Ian in the beautifully decorated sanctuary of our chapel
Sr. Mary Rose did her usual excellent job as lector

Following Mass, breakfast, and prayers (we can’t omit these important things!) we all gathered in the community room to play Domingo!–which is, of course, a Dominican themed bingo game, using famous events, places, people and so on instead of numbers. A good time was had by all, and everyone won a prize!

We were delighted to have the whole Dominican family present at Mass, including our local chapter of the Dominican Laity and our good friends, the Dominican Sisters of Fatima.

The sisters brought us many lovely gifts, including this plant!

We had a delicious treat of milkshakes in the afternoon, and in the evening we watched the movie “Dominic: Light of the Church”, by the Dominican province in the Philippines. It was very good!

The day concluded with our usual prayers of Compline. At the end of Compline, we always sing a hymn to St. Dominic–most days, this is “O Lumen Ecclesiae”, “Light of the Church”. May Dominic light the way for the Church and for all people for many more years to come!