Celebrating Sr. Mary Margaret\’s Feast Day

If you\’re thinking, \”Wait, isn\’t St. Margaret of Hungary\’s feast day on January 18?\” you would be right. However, since January tends to be a busy time–what with the New Year and Epiphany and all–Sister thought it would be more appropriate to have her feast day at another time of the year. We\’ve had other prioresses do this too–notably, Sr. Mary John, whose feast day was December 27th, but who often celebrated either on Mother\’s Day (as our spiritual mother) or sometimes the Nativity of John the Baptist (June 24). So, like so many things in religious life, we have a precedent and a tradition!

Part of the feast day table (gifts, etc.) Notice the picture of St. Margaret of Hungary in the middle!

Left side of feast day table (when you are facing it)

Right side

We began with the feast day song, a musical retelling of Sr. Mary Margaret\’s many adventures and accomplishments over the past year. It was written by one of the sisters and set to a familiar tune.


Sister seemed to enjoy it a lot!

Then, we played games all morning. They had a \”mystery\” theme at Sister\’s request.

The community was divided into four teams, three of which are pictured here. Sr. Mary Rose (right) supervised and kept score.

In the afternoon, Sister opened her many gifts. The vast majority were hand made by the sisters. Possibly some future raffle prizes?

As Sister opened her gifts, we passed them around the circle so all could admire them. 

It was a delightful and fun-filled day, ending with a skit and more mysterious games in the evening. We also saw a movie on the two evenings before and after the actual day (Friday and Sunday), so we had a triduum of celebrations for Sister! 

Thank you for everything you do, Sister, and for everything you are! May God continue to bless you abundantly, and all our community, too!

Happy Feast Day To You!


We\’ve had a lot of feast days to celebrate recently–the Archangels, St. Therese, the Guardian Angels, and Our Lady of the Rosary. So, how do we celebrate? 

Some things are subject to change depending on circumstances. For example, we currently have a generous cook who makes whatever the feast day sister wants for dinner and supper on the big day (within reason, of course!). The novitiate sisters often have a little party when one of their own celebrates her feast day. And all the sisters receive cards, small gifts, prayers, and other tokens of affection from the other sisters.

And, we sing a song of the feast day sister\’s choice at recreation! This is actually a big deal because sisters often choose songs we don\’t sing at Mass–and therefore sing rarely. We all stand in a circle for the song. Before COVID-19, the feast day sister went around the circle to embrace each sister, but we put that on hold for the time being. Still, we are happy to be a part of the community and to have a group of sisters to support us in good times and bad.

 As another song we never sing at Mass goes, \”the best things in life are free\”!