A Penny Saved…

What\’s the value of a penny? Not much, you may say, but even the smallest things have value in God\’s eyes–and ours! Recently a generous benefactor gave us several large containers of loose pennies. When we receive large quantities of things that need to be handled–be it pennies, fruits and vegetables, or almost anything else–or when we need to mail out our newsletter, \”Monastery Bells\”–we have a \”party\”, a fun-filled work detail where we talk and enjoy ourselves while getting the job done. So instead of taking the pennies to a machine for counting, we got to work and counted and rolled them ourselves. After all, every little bit helps!

 Sr. Maria Cabrini, Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Dominic hard at work counting and rolling pennies.

When everything was done, our bursars counted up the total, which was pretty good for an hour\’s work! Thanks so much to the generous benefactor who donated these pennies!

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