A Special Treat

When they first saw it, some sisters shrieked. One cried out in terror, \”It\’s alive!\” Such a thing had perhaps never before graced the counters of our Texas monastery kitchen. It was–

The large lobster (fortunately already cooked) was a gift from one of our sister\’s families. Some of us were put in mind of the humorous story St. Therese of Lisieux recounted about a similar incident in her monastery in France (although THAT lobster was still alive!). Like St. Therese\’s community, we are rather a large group, so we too will only receive a mouthful apiece! But we are still so grateful to have it! The nice thing is that we have a feast day coming up tomorrow (the Transfiguration of our Lord) so we can have it, along with our usual Friday fish fare. Thank you to the generous benefactors who made this extra-special treat possible!

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