Happy Birthday, Sr. Mary Agnes

Sr. Mary Agnes recently had her 88th birthday, which we celebrated with a rare treat of ice cream and cake in the refectory (dining room).

Sr. Mary Agnes admires her delicious cake (made from scratch!) 
Sr. Mary Margaret lights some unusual candles, and–
Wow! What a display! 
We don\’t usually celebrate birthdays in the monastery–we\’re more inclined to celebrate a sister\’s feast day instead–but when a sister reaches a \”certain age\” it does seem that she is entitled to a little extra celebration. Sr. Mary Agnes, we wish you many more Happy Birthdays in the years to come!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Sr. Mary Agnes”

  1. A belated \”Happy Birthday\” Sister Mary Agnes. I think birthdays remind one of how \”young at heart\” we are:)God Bless you and grant you many more \”young at heart\” birthdays!! I see Sr Teresa in the background:):)


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