More Bird Watching…

 Recently we have been visited by a heron–a great white egret. Normally it flies over our property and stalks around our small lake, hunting for fish and frogs.

But one day it decided to explore the monastery grounds! If you look carefully, you can see it walking alongside our main building:

 It came up to the window and peered in at the delighted nuns (who were enjoying a bit of noon recreation), and then began to explore further:

Finally it returned to the pond, where it took off for its next destination…
We are blessed to live in a place where nature comes so close to us and we can see God\’s marvelous creation without ever having to leave the enclosure. May God be praised for all the wonders He has accomplished in this world!

2 thoughts on “More Bird Watching…”

  1. Oh wow– I see a lot of bird pictures on line (all nice) but those are in a class by themselves.I live in an area where their habitat is being destroyed. It is good to see them there, beautiful and undisturbed.


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