Solemnity of All Saints

\”This life of the saints, in its superabundant and inexhaustible fruitfulness, is at the same time a life of the richest variety and fullness. The one Spirit of Jesus, their head and mediator, is manifested in his saints in all the rich variety of their individual lives, and according to the various measure in which every single soul, with its own special gifts and its own special call, has received and employed the grace of God. The one conception of the saint, of the servant of Christ, is embodied in an infinite variety of forms. The litany of the saints takes us rapidly through this \’celestial hierarchy\’. And while every name denotes a special gift, a special character, a special life, yet all are united in one only love and in one gospel of joy and gladness.\”¬†
–from The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam

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