A Visit from the Provincial!

We recently welcomed the provincial of the Southern Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres (USA), Fr. Chris Eggleton, O.P.  and his socius (assistant) Fr. David Caron, O.P. for a brief but memorable visit.

Fr. Chris (on the left) and Fr. David (on the right)

Fr. Chris and Fr. David prayed Vespers with us on Monday evening, and celebrated Mass for us on Tuesday morning. They were able to stay for lunch before hitting the road to return to New Orleans. We enjoyed a lot of fraternal visiting, learning about happenings in our province and telling them more about us. It was a wonderful Dominican encounter which culminated in the bestowing of Texas \”citizenship\” on our two guests. 
This honor was conferred on them by Sr. Mary John, our prioress, and as you can see they were very pleased to receive it! Thank you so much for your visit, Fr. Chris and Fr. David, and–as we say in Texas–y\’all come back now, y\’hear!

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