Christmas Letter Time!

It\’s time for our annual Christmas letter to go out! Our Christmas letter–like all our mailings–is still done \”in house\” (except for the printing). It is designed and then readied for mailing entirely by nuns. As usual, the entire community pitched in to get the work done quickly. Many hands DO make light work!

We tried a new method of sealing this year, using stickers instead of envelopes. 
Working hard…

…and enjoying each other\’s company!

If you are not currently receiving our mailings, including our newsletter, \”Monastery Bells\”,  please consider doing so! It\’s free!  Just send us an email with your \”snail mail\” address, and we will put you on our list. Our next mailing will probably be in February!
(NOTE: we do not give out the names and addresses of people on our mailing list to anyone. This information is used only for mailing our newsletters.)

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