The Matachines Visit Our Monastery

Last night, we were treated to a delightful performance by the matachines from St. Patrick\’s Church here in Lufkin, TX. Only a video would really do them justice, but we did get a few pictures: 

Matachines are Mexican religious dancers who perform their lively steps in honor of God. They also have a deep devotion to a particular saint or to our Lady (especially our Lady of Guadalupe, as you can see here.) Their instruments and costumes are blessed by a priest.  Although they perform throughout the year, they are especially called upon during Advent, and no celebration of the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe is complete without the matachines! They dance to the accompaniment of the drum and maracas, as well as a percussion instrument shaped like a bow and arrow. As you can see in the pictures, they performed for us in our chapel, and it called to mind David dancing before the Lord! Thank you so much for enriching our Advent in this way!

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