Promoting Vocations

We live in a world filled with constant noise and activity. It sometimes seems like the only way Jesus can get our attention is by calling on a cell phone or sending us a tweet! And yet the Lord continues to call young people to serve Him just as He did over two thousand years ago. When we consider the state of the world today, the need for cloistered contemplative religious, women dedicated to serving God through prayer and sacrifice for the salvation of souls, becomes ever more apparent. The question is: how do we help these women whom the Lord is calling to hear His voice?

Pope John Paul II said, \”Every vocation is a gift of the Father and, like all gifts which come from God, arrives through many human mediations: that of parents or teachers, of pastors of the Church, of people who are directly engaged in vocation ministry, or that of the simple believer…Let every believer become an educator of vocations, without fearing to propose radical choices.\” Prayer is a vital and important part of vocation promotion, but prayer is only part of the equation. The other necessary element is the invitation. This invitation to consider religious life, especially cloistered contemplative life, is powerful when it comes from a trusted friend, a priest, a teacher, or a family member.

Here at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus, we are praying every day for more vocations for the Church and especially for our monastery, that we may continue the life of prayer, praise and sacrifice that has been going on since our monastery was founded in Lufkin, Texas in 1945. We need your help in promoting vocations to our monastery, and we have Sisters in final vows who are living proof that a personal invitation often marks the first step on the way to a life of total consecration to Christ! If you know a young woman who might be interested in our life–or if you are such a young woman yourself–we encourage you to contact us for more information, or simply check out our website, We know there are young women out there who would be great Dominican nuns–and maybe you know them, too!

Sr. Lou Ella…
…and Sr. Rosa, both Incarnate Word-Blessed Sacrament sisters from Corpus Christi, TX, are tireless in helping us promote our monastery and Dominican contemplative life!! Thank you so much for all your help and support!

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