Sarah Murray Visits Our Monastery

We were happy to welcome Sarah Murray, candidate for the Lufkin City Council, Ward 6, to our monastery for a visit yesterday!
Sarah Murray with some of the sisters
Sarah Murray and her husband Joe are long-time friends of the monastery. Although they are not Catholic, they often come to spend time with us in prayer, especially at Vespers. When Sarah announced her intention of running for City Council, Ward 6–the ward we happen to live in–she offered to come and talk to us about some of the issues facing our city. We enjoyed a delightful evening with Sarah and asked many questions, which she answered with skill and knowledge. As cloistered Dominican nuns, we don\’t go out and get personally involved in things–our job is to pray–but we do make it a practice to vote in national, state and local elections because we believe our vote is important! And of course, we keep our elected officials in our prayers always. Thanks so much, Sarah Murray, for coming out and helping us to stay informed about our city\’s needs!

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