Easter at the Monastery, Continued

Easter is a solemn event…the resurrection of Christ from the dead after His passion…but we think it\’s OK to have a little fun during this Easter octave, too! After all, Easter is also about the joy of new life and new beginnings! So we continued our celebration with an Easter egg hunt in the community room.
Sr. Mary Rose finds an egg hidden in an unexpected place.
Sr. Mary Jeremiah makes a find!
Is there an egg in there, Sr. Bernadette Marie? (Yes, there was!)
Sr. Marie Augustine counts the eggs she found…
…Sr. Mary Giuse is still counting!
The winners, with 22 each, were our two bursars, Sr. Mary Rose (right) and Sr. Mary Christine (left).
Sr. Mary Margaret took special honors for finding the most \”shiny\” eggs.
It was a lot of fun and everyone found something! Many thanks to Sr. Mary Gabriel, Sr. Maria Guadalupe, and Sr. Maria Cabrini who hid all 201 eggs! (201?? Wow! But we have 26 sisters in the house right now, so it evens out really well.) Happy Easter to all and may you be blessed with Paschal joy this season!

One thought on “Easter at the Monastery, Continued”

  1. I laughed with joy and shared your happiness as I looked at your pictures during your Easter egg hunt.What a beautiful life you have – may God be praised, may Our Lady be honored, and may we all benefit from your beautiful life.


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