More of the Novice Directresses…

Here they are in two formal poses:

Front, from left: Sr. Maria Guadalupe (Lufkin, TX), Sr. Mary Veronica (Lancaster, PA), Sr. Mary Angela (Nashville Dominicans), Sr. Mary Rose (Farmington Hills, MI), Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart (Menlo Park, CA). Back, from left: Sr. Maria Pia (Bronx, NY), Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira, NY), Sr. Mary Magdalen (Squamish, BC, Canada), Sr. Mary Catharine (Summit, NJ), Sr. Mary of the Precious Blood (Marbury, AL). 

The same group with Sr. Mary John, prioress of our monastery and also President of the Association, in front!

One thought on “More of the Novice Directresses…”

  1. Thank you for sharing a part of your life the rest of the world. I am new to blogging having recently started my own blog. I'm thrilled to have found your blog and webiste, it was like taking a little mini retreat. I've signed up to gollow your blog. 🙂


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