One Year Anniversary!

\”Dominican Life on Lotus Lane\” has been on the web for one year today!
We thank God first and foremost for all the blessings we have received from Him over this past year, and we give special thanks to the many people who have helped us get started on this blog and continue with it–whether with technical expertise, creative advice, or encouragement! Thanks also to all of you who read this blog and especially to those who follow us! You\’re all in our daily prayers!
Since we started this blog on June 4, we find ourselves under the patronage of St. Peter of Verona, the first canonized Dominican martyr. He was raised a Cathar but converted to Catholicism, joined the Dominican Order, and worked hard to stamp out the Cathar heresy. He was martyred as a result.  
He\’s commonly depicted with the assassin\’s blade protruding from his head. As he lay dying, he wrote the word \”Credo\” in his own blood. He\’s a powerful intercessor for the Church in general and the Dominican Order in particular. Pray for us, St. Peter of Verona!

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