Monastic Theological Studies Program 2011: Scripture–Psalms

We\’ve been having a wonderful week of Scripture classes–focusing on the Psalms–with Sr. Barbara Green, O.P.

 The students, with Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira) in the background

Sr. Barbara is a member of the Sisters of St. Dominic, Congregation of the Most Holy Name (San Rafael Dominicans), from 1964 to the present. Sr. Barbara has been teaching at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in California for twenty years. Before that she taught religious studies at Dominican College in San Rafael and was responsible for their Humanities Program.

Sr. Mary Giuse and Sr. Joseph Maria (Summit, NJ) listen intently

 Sr. Barbara is a dynamic teacher who captivates the class and draws the students into the exploration of the Psalms! We have been learning both techniques for analyzing Psalms and also their spiritual interpretation. It\’s fantastic!

Sr. Barbara lectures while Sr. Mary Dominic and Sr. Mary Amata (Summit, NJ) take notes

The students will each choose a psalm to analyze, critically and spiritually, and then present it to our class next year in seminar (as we are doing this year with our philosophy and theology from last year–pictures are coming!). Sr. Barbara has certainly made our task easier by giving us tools and at the same time more difficult by opening for us the complexity of the Psalms! But the Psalms are an essential part of our life, so we\’re delighted to have this opportunity to deepen our understanding.

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