Remembering Dominic

\”All these people, and many others from Fanjeaux, asserted to a man that they had never seen anyone so holy and so good.\” — Process of the Canonization of St. Dominic, Toulouse, n.19
On August 8 we celebrate the solemnity of our holy father St. Dominic, a man of prayer, a preacher, a joyful friar. We remember how he traveled from town to town on his preaching missions, singing the Ave maris stella, speaking with God or about God. We remember the many people he brought back to the Church, not least of which were the women he settled at Prouilhe as the first Dominican nuns. 
We remember his love for those who came to follow him, and his compassion for all people expressed in his cry: \”Lord, have mercy on your people! What will become of poor sinners?\” He spent his nights in prayer and his days in preaching the word of God. 
We remember some of his last words to the brethren who wept while he lay dying: \”I will be of more help to you where I am going than I have been here.\”  
We remember Dominic because we are his daughters in Christ, and we strive to follow in his way. Holy Father St. Dominic, pray for us!

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