St. Luke

\”Luke promises peace to the whole human race, and traces human origins from Jesus to the first man, as though to declare that all have a right to the salvation Jesus came to bring if only they are willing to receive it. This is what is meant by Luke\’s universalism. If Luke sees any class as privileged, it is the sinners, so piercing is the appeal of mercy in his gospel. Like Matthew and Mark, Luke tells of the call of Levi, and of Jesus\’ kindness to tax collectors and sinners; but he goes further, to relate the pardon granted to the sinful woman, the parables of the lost coin and the prodigal son, the conversions of Zachaeus and the good thief and–more moving even than the tears of repentant sinners–the profound, exuberant joy of the One who forgives, that surge of fatherly tenderness, that astounding revelation from the heart of God, which has converted so many souls.\”
–Fr. Marie-Joseph Lagrange, O.P.

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