Dominican All Saints Day

Today we celebrate all the Dominican saints–and there\’s a lot of them. In addition to the many Dominicans who lived holy lives and died more or less peacefully, there are over 100 Vietnamese martyrs in the Dominican family, and quite a few newly beatified Dominicans from the Spanish Civil War, as well as all the Dominicans who were martyred in China and Japan and other places. And we\’d like to remember some of the Dominican saints who are patrons of sisters here at the Monastery: 
Blessed Sybillina 
St. Catherine de Ricci
St. Agnes of Montepulciano 
St. Margaret of Hungary
St. Dominic
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Rose of Lima
Of course, we should also mention some \”honorary\” Dominicans who have namesakes in our community as well–St. Mary Magdalene (Apostle to the Apostles and the first preacher of Christ\’s resurrection!) and St. Augustine, who wrote the Rule that Dominican friars and nuns still follow today. May all the holy Dominican men and women intercede for us today and every day!

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