Friends and Family

People often ask us, \”Do you ever get to visit your family and friends?\” Well, we don\’t leave the enclosure to visit them, but they can come to us! We have several parlors–that is, rooms where nuns can visit with people who come to see them. 
 Sr. Mary Lucy and family
Sr. Mary Thomas and family
Sr. Miriam and family
We do have a fixed counter or other separation to maintain enclosure, but this is simply a reminder that we are cloistered nuns, separated from the world. It doesn\’t prevent us from enjoying time with our families! Usually, a family is allowed to visit for a few hours each month. If a nun\’s family does not live close enough for a monthly visit, she may be allowed to spend longer periods with her family over a couple of days–especially if they don\’t come very often. We encourage our family and friends to come join us in the chapel (on the extern side, of course) when we pray together or have daily Mass, and many of them do this.

But our visitors aren\’t limited to family! Sometimes we get some surprises, like a recent visit from our dear friend Fr. Ron Foshage, MS. He came up from Jasper, TX to hear our confessions and brought along a marvelous Protestant family of talented musicians who played for us.  It was a wonderful ecumenical encounter. And to our delight, Fr. Ron joined in and played the violin!

There were three violins, a viola, and a cello. Everyone played beautifully!
In addition, some of the younger girls sang for us! Their harmony was simple but lovely. 
We thank God for all His many gifts, which He brings to us without us ever having to leave the enclosure!

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