Celebrating the Epiphany

With the birth of Jesus a star has been lit up in the sky. It is a most luminous vocation. It inspires caravans of people to take to the road. New paths have been opened up for mankind, paths which lead to Christ. Christ has become the heart for a new system of circulation which will last forever. By merit of being our Redeemer, Christ has become indispensable to us…Christ wants to be announced to the world…\”
Pope Paul VI (Homily, January 6, 1973)

We enjoyed a wonderful solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord yesterday–hope you did, too! We spent the day adoring the Lord who has appeared to us…
…and also in recreation. Both were great!

As is our tradition, the professed sisters entertained the community in the morning. We played several fun games!
 It may look easy, but have you ever tried to unwrap a gift while wearing oven mitts? 
In the evening, the novitiate sisters entertained us with a lovely musical program. 
 Sor Irma plays and sings a Christmas carol in Spanish with a little help from Sr. Bernadette Marie and Sr. Mary Jeremiah 
Our Tanzanian sisters, Sr. Marie Augustine and Sr. Marie Tersidis, performed a beautiful dance and sang in Swahili.
Thuy, our postulant, played the cello!
Everyone was surprised and delighted to receive a gift of cookies! Delicious!

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