Easter Egg-citement

We have had some exciting times already this Easter season! First came our raffle…maybe you didn\’t hear about it? Well, the tickets were sent out with our winter issue of Monastery Bells. We only send Monastery Bells via snail mail at the current time…if you\’d like to receive it for free, please send us your name and address here. (We never sell our address lists!) Anyway, we got a huge response to our raffle…so huge that to make our drawing fair we used our big dryer to shuffle the tickets thoroughly!

It\’s like the lottery…sort of…
We had several winners from various places, including Texas, Connecticut, and Ohio, and they were all delighted to win their prizes, which included afghans made by the nuns and other special things!
Sr. Mary Agnes draws a winner!
We also had our annual Easter egg hunt, in which fun was had by all!
Sr. Mary Christine is a champion egg finder, but does she see the egg right behind her??
Our winners!! Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Mary Christine, Sr. Mary Sybillina, and Sr. Mary Giuse

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