Pentecost 2012

Did you receive the Spirit? 
We have the tradition of making a holy card for each sister here at the monastery for Pentecost. Each card has a Pentecost-themed picture on the front and a gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit printed on the back–so for example, maybe Fortitude and Peace, or Piety and Charity, or Fear of the Lord and Joy. Sister makes enough cards for the community, and we each draw one during Office of Readings on Pentecost as we sing \”Veni, Creator Spiritu\”. So the gifts and fruits each sister receives are (in a sense) planned for her by the Holy Spirit, because no one knows which ones she will get! Each sister can then meditate on the special way that these particular gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit impact her life throughout the year.

Our prayer for you today is that you will receive the blessings of the Spirit in ever greater measure as God pours out his Spirit on us all!

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