Sr. Mary John\’s Feast Day Celebration

We observe Sr. Mary John\’s official feast day on December 27 (because her patron is St. John the Evangelist) but we celebrate her feast day at another time not so close to Christmas! This year the date we chose was June 23, vigil of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.
We had a really fun filled day, beginning with a festive song and dance in honor of Sr. Mary John.

Sr. Irma plays the drum while Sr. Mary Margaret unrolls the feast day banner! In the background you can see Sr. Mary John greeting the sisters.
We played a variety of fun games in the morning. All of them were centered around finding treasure, so we had two different kinds of scavenger hunts! It was really enjoyable and designed so that everyone could participate in some way. One of the hunts was made a little more complex because each team had to solve a riddle before going to find the item in question. For example: 
With arms outstretched
Young face serene
Beneath his feet 
Find something green.
It was our statue of the Infant Jesus, of course!

 There were many such fun clues to ordinary things around the house.

Sr. Bernadette Marie, Sr. Irma, and Sr. Mary Rose having a good time!

In the afternoon Sr. Mary John opened her many gifts, mostly handmade by the sisters, which will be used for a future bazaar or raffle–who knows?? 
 Sr. Mary John seemed pleased with everything!
In the evening, we had a delightful trip around the world via DVDs of various exotic locales. We were entertained in between segments by our sisters, who performed lively dances typical of some of the countries we visited. In all, a wonderful day! Thanks to all the sisters who worked so hard to prepare everything, the community who participated so enthusiastically, and thanks to Sr. Mary John for being a great prioress!

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