Our Holy Father Saint Dominic

Today we celebrate the solemnity of our holy father Saint Dominic! We\’d like to share some aspects of Dominic with you in honor of this special feast day.
 St. Dominic had nine different ways of praying, and probably more! This is one anyone can try for private prayer:  standing up, arms outstretched, remembering Jesus crucified. 
Many people are familiar with the story of Pope Innocent III\’s dream of St. Francis supporting the falling Church, but few perhaps realize that he had a similar dream about St. Dominic! Apparently he had a lot of prophetic dreams…

 St. Dominic often participated in disputes with the Albigensian heretics. On at least one occasion they decided to settle the dispute by throwing their books and other materials into the fire. The one whose books escaped the fire would win the argument! As you can see in this painting, St. Dominic\’s books always flew out of the fire unscathed, while the books of the Albigensians burned to a crisp.

Holy Father St. Dominic, pray for all your children today and every day!

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