A Rose from St. Therese

You may be familiar with the pious concept of praying to St. Therese for something and asking her to send a rose as confirmation that God has heard your prayer and will hopefully grant what you are asking for in the way you ask for it! (Because God doesn\’t necessarily answer our prayers the way we expect Him to.) We have a sister in our community who once made this request in a halfhearted way, not really expecting anything to happen…and then she received a dozen roses! She\’s a believer now!
In honor of St. Therese, a website called Imagine Sisters is proposing that you should offer a rose today to a young woman you think might have a call to the religious life. We think that\’s a great idea–we need more sisters in the world! And very often a woman interested in religious life is waiting for a \”sign\” of some kind–a word of encouragement from a friend, from a priest, a special passage of Scripture that suddenly speaks to her heart, circumstances mysteriously arranging themselves to make religious life possible. Even if you don\’t want to offer a rose, you can still encourage a young woman to consider religious life–maybe direct her toward a website like the Imagine Sisters project website, which has some nice information on vocation discernment, or maybe direct her to OUR website! 
May St. Therese intercede for all of us to find our vocation in life as she found hers at the heart of the Church!

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