Pray the Rosary!

October is the month especially dedicated to praying the rosary, and here at the Monastery we pray the rosary together every day except Sunday (when we have a different schedule so we pray it privately). The Rosary is a powerful prayer–in fact, today\’s feast, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, commemorates the great victory at Lepanto in 1571. Pope Pius V (a Dominican Pope) encouraged Christians to pray the rosary for victory, and Don Juan\’s Christian forces successfully defeated the Islamic Turks. Today we are still fighting all kinds of battles, and while action is often necessary, there is great wisdom in this advice: 

As contemplative nuns, that\’s what we do when faced with difficulties–our first option is always prayer. With everything that\’s going on in our nation and the world today, consider taking 15 minutes each day to pray the rosary, or some other prayer of your choice. Prayer can change the world, starting with you!

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