Dominican All Saints Day 2012

We once had a Dominican chaplain who told us when he was in the novitiate (pre-Vatican II) he had to memorize the names of all the Dominican saints! Of course that would be extremely difficult now that the number of saints has increased substantially, thanks to the canonizations of the Vietnamese martyrs among others in recent years. But today is also a day to remember all the saints of the Order who are not canonized, who probably never will be…the saints we live and work with every day. Sometimes it seems we are too close to holiness to fully grasp it when we live with it–we see all the little flaws and quirks and such, and miss the bigger picture. But if we open the eyes of faith, we can see God\’s goodness shining through all people. We give thanks to God for all our Dominican saints, those we know and love, those we don\’t know but remember today as they intercede for us in Heaven. May they intercede for all the people of the world, that we may all grow in love for God and neighbor every day!

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