Singing Workshop!

We just finished another enjoyable and helpful week of lessons on singing, musical technique and the theology of liturgy with Sr. Kathleen Harmon, SNDdN! She worked with us both individually and as a group, providing us with all kinds of suggestions on how to improve the quality of our liturgy. Because, after all, liturgy is one of the most important things we do!

Sr. Kathleen instructs the Mass chantresses, Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Thomas
 Yes…that\’s what the music says!
Explaining the importance of the Responsorial Psalm at Mass to the community…
…and the community is hanging on every word!
As a result of Sr. Kathleen\’s expert help, we are gradually implementing changes in the way we sing the Responsorial Psalm at Mass, making it a true proclamation of the Word of God. And of course we are always trying to improve the quality of our musical sound overall.  If you are ever in the Lufkin area, perhaps you might like to stop by some day for Mass and see (and hear) for yourself! We are so grateful to Sr. Kathleen, who is definitely an active sister but has a great understanding of the cloistered monastic vocation and is such a help to us in developing a musical style which fits our life and also helps us to praise God from the heart of the Church. Thank you, Sr. Kathleen, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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