Presentation of Mary / Pro Orantibus Day 2012

This is a celebration of the hidden life of Mary. There isn\’t too much known about her life–even this memorial, which recalls her presentation in the Temple to serve the Lord, comes from an apocryphal source. But we do know that whatever Mary did before she became the Mother of Jesus and also afterwards, she was always the perfect handmaiden of the Lord, and the exemplar for all disciples of Jesus. She listened to the word of God and acted on it faithfully. She always said Yes to God! No matter how much we might like to know the details of Mary\’s life, that is the most important one and the one we can all follow in our own lives. 
Today is also Pro Orantibus Day, a day designated by the Church for prayers for those living the cloistered contemplative life–a day \”for those who pray\”. Like Mary\’s life, ours too is a hidden life, sometimes seemingly without much effect in the larger scheme of things, but we have faith that our prayers, praise, adoration and sacrifices have an effect that will only be truly known in eternity. Please pray for all cloistered contemplative communities today, that we will all grow in holiness and receive good vocations who will continue this great work of God. May we all strive to be like Mary, who kept all the words of God and \”pondered them in her heart\”.

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