Pumpkin Bread Baking!

One of our sisters (now deceased), Sr. Mary of the Trinity, once wrote a beautiful song called \”My Thanksgiving\”. It has the refrain, \”I could never end, I would never end, my thanksgiving, Lord…\” and this is the way we feel today as we begin to distribute pumpkin bread to our many local friends and benefactors! While the Thanksgiving holiday may be over, our thanksgiving both to God and to all our friends and benefactors goes on endlessly. And so this past weekend we baked up many, many loaves of pumpkin bread to offer a small token of our gratitude and appreciation for all the help we receive to live our contemplative monastic life! Here are some scenes from the baking: 

 Sr. Mary Dominic mixes the dry ingredients
 Meanwhile, Sr. Maria Cabrini prepares the pumpkin!
Sr. Bernadette Marie and Sr. Mary Rose mix it all together
Sr. Mary Christine, Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Jeremiah fill the loaf pans
More loaf pans! Sr. Mary Christine, Sr. Mary Gabriel, and Veronique work together
 Sr. Mary Giuse fills a loaf pan by herself
Ready to be baked!
The delicious finished product
We hope all those who receive our pumpkin bread will enjoy it! We wish we could send some to everyone around the country but this is impossible…still, we keep you all in our prayers each and every day! Thank you for all your generous support and love!

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