Second Sunday of Advent 2012

\”God has commanded that every lofty mountain be made low, and that the age-old depths and gorges be filled to level ground, that Israel may advance secure in the glory of God\” (Baruch 5:7) Here Baruch records for us the return of the Israelites from their exile in Babylon. It reminds us of the crossing of the Red Sea–an event in which the Israelites marched amidst the wall of seawater and tread on dry ground as they escaped on their way to the land of freedom. As we set out on our own journey toward the land of freedom during this Advent time, we remember that as we face the challenges of life we have a God who is faithful–who gave to Moses and Abraham the strength of faith to trust and believe in the Lord who clothes the flowers of the field and feeds the birds of the sky. He will give us this same faith if only we ask Him for it!

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