Baptism of the Lord

This beautiful feast of Christ\’s baptism marks the official end of the Christmas season. A lot of people don\’t realize how long the Christmas season really lasts in the Church, and as a result are surprised to hear us singing Christmas carols at Mass in January! This is also a wonderful day to reflect on our own baptism. Maybe you were baptized as an infant or small child, and have no memories (or very confused ones)….maybe you were baptized at an older age and remember it vividly. Maybe you have pictures to commemorate the occasion, or other memorabilia. The amazing thing is that when you were baptized, you became a part of Christ\’s Holy Church and a member of his family. That is a gift that can never be taken away from you. Things may have changed since the day of your baptism. You may have tried to stop your ears against the sound of God\’s voice, but today, listen for his quiet whisper, inviting you back to him. Jesus stands waiting to extend his mercy to you. All you need to do is accept this grace.

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