Open to the Public

We had a comment recently asking whether our Masses are open to the public. They certainly are! We welcome guests both at Mass and at our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the year. We have Mass every weekday (that is, Monday-Saturday) at 7:20 AM, and Sunday Mass at 7:00 AM. We sing the Liturgy of the Hours every day throughout the day; the times for each Office can be found on our \”Monastery Schedule\” page. On rare occasions we have Mass at a different time and when this happens we always put a notice in the outside chapel so people will be aware. Christmas and Easter, for example, are always later in the morning, and sometimes we have a special event (such as Sr. Bernadette Marie\’s first profession on February 2) when Mass is at a later time. You are welcome to check the outside chapel for details about our schedule, or you can call or email us for details if you are not sure. We invite you to come and share in our praise, adoration and worship!

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