Monastery Bells…and Raffle!

It\’s time for another issue of \”Monastery Bells\”! You can see it as a PDF by going to our website, HERE.
You can also participate in our 2013 Raffle, if you live in the United States! (Sorry, we can\’t send prizes overseas because of the expenses involved.) 
Just send your name and snail mail address to our email address,, and we will happily fill out your tickets and enter your name in our drawing to be held on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013! No donations are required but any donation you would like to make will benefit our life of prayer. You can make donations (if you would like to) using PayPal–the link is conveniently located at the top right hand corner of this blog, or through our website on the Donate page HERE. 

We will not put you on our mailing list unless you request it.

There are six great prizes, five of which were handmade by the nuns–and one is a SURPRISE! (Maybe the nuns made it too!) You can see pictures of the five known prizes HERE.

We will post the winners after the drawing!

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