World Day of Prayer for Vocations

This Sunday in the season of Easter is traditionally known as \”Good Shepherd Sunday\” because of the Gospel readings, but it also happens to be the World Day of Prayers for Vocations! You can see the connection! 
Now, if you are considering a religious vocation–we hope you might consider the Dominicans! Our Order is composed of nuns, friars, active sisters, and laity. If you\’re a young woman interested in the contemplative life we hope you will check out the nuns–hopefully our monastery! We are a vibrant community who pray the entire Liturgy of the Hours every day, have daily Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We wear the habit and are joyfully faithful to the Church. And we have a good time doing all this! For more information about our community, we encourage you to check out our website. Or send us an email and we\’d be delighted to send you some information via snail mail, too. 
Now, if you\’re a man interested in religious life–or a young woman interested in active religious life–we still encourage you to check out the Dominicans! There are four provinces of Dominican friars in the United States and numerous congregations of active sisters who follow the Dominican charism. Maybe God is calling you to one of these!
Today is a great day to start discerning whether you might have a religious vocation and maybe begin actively looking into where God might be calling you. We have a group of young women from our diocese who are coming to our monastery to do just that today! Wherever God is calling you, know that you are in our prayers!

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