Spaghetti Dinner Report!

As you may be aware, some good friends of the Monastery held a chicken spaghetti dinner for the benefit of the Monastery and particularly to raise money for our much-needed generator about two weeks ago. We\’re delighted to report that it was a huge success! In fact, although the dinner was supposed to last until 7:30 PM, they ran out of food long before then! We are so grateful to all the many good people who organized this dinner and made sure everything involved (food, supplies, etc.) was donated–we never could have done this! And we are also grateful for all who came and ate and participated in the raffle and donated to our cause. We are still in need of some funds to get our generator all paid for, but this event certainly helped tremendously! We are really overwhelmed by all the generosity and kindness the community of Lufkin (and the wider community outside our town, who have sent donations and prayers) has shown us. May God bless you all and reward you abundantly! We are keeping you all in our prayers, too!

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