Generator Update

We\’re delighted to announce that our two generators are up and ready to run! You may be asking, two? Well, we are still in the process of purchasing one and the other was a very generous donation. So when we have a power outage again (and hurricane season is coming!), we will have some power in both our main building and our dormitories. Which is a tremendous blessing!
The first generator. This one is next to our laundry building (we have a lot of separate buildings that make up our monastery) and will power the dormitory building and the novitiate building.
Working to install the second generator! It was quite a job, as you can see.
But finally it was all completed. 
The generator for our main building. For those who know our monastery from the inside, it\’s located right outside the back door to the community room. Thanks to this generous donation, we will have lights and some air conditioning (in the infirmary and kitchen).
We are so grateful to all who have helped us–and continue to help us–with this project. We have been extraordinarily blessed by God through the many people who have contributed in our time of need–small and large donations alike. We are almost there, but we still need a little more to help pay off the whole amount. May God bless all who have helped us, financially and spiritually and through various acts of charity, in our time of need! We remember you every day in our prayers!

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