Blessed William Arnaud, OP and Companions

The martyrs of Toulouse–Blessed William Arnaud, OP and his companions–are celebrated today as an optional memorial.  We had a sister in our monastery who was named for Blessed William (Sr. Mary William, OP +2004) and since she held the offices of prioress and novice directress more than once (at different times over the years!) we always used to celebrate this day with special joy.

Blessed William and his companions were martyred in 1242–ten years before St. Peter Martyr (d. 1252), who is considered the \”first\” Dominican martyr. They were actually martyred by the Albigensian heretics in a church where they were seeking sanctuary. Those were difficult times!

Today we remember these holy martyrs, and we also remember our Sr. Mary William, who was an great model for generations of Dominican nuns, in Lufkin and beyond. May God send us many more good and holy Dominican vocations, and may we all have the fortitude and faith to endure whatever may come!

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