Sacred Heart, 2013

\”The love of God is manifested no longer through actions alone but through a divine Person who, by the very act of his Incarnation in the nature of man, shows concretely the heights of this love. In Christ, God loves man infinitely and is loved by him…Through the revelation of his divine nature and through the acceptance of his supreme sacrifice, Christ opens man\’s eyes to the reality of God\’s infinite and pure love which to redeem us and return us to our former estate as his sons: \’did not spare his own Son, but offered him for all of us\’ (Romans 8:32). \’Christ…loved us and gave himself up in our place\’ (Ephesians 5:2)…Love is the most radiant novelty of the Gospel: it is pre-eminently the commandment which the Lord chose to call \’mine\’.\” –from \”The Heart of Christ: Center of the Christian Mystery and Key to the Universe\” by Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

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