Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

You never know what a day will bring in the cloister…and on July 3, as we were in the midst of preparations for our annual 4th of July picnic, we were happily surprised with a huge amount of cherries! All hands were called on deck, and everyone got to work sorting, washing, cutting up and even cooking some of the cherries to make a delicious cherry sauce. We are always so grateful to people who remember us with donations, whether of money or food or anything else. As Dominican nuns, we are also mendicants (that\’s a fancy way of saying we beg for our needs) and we do not receive any stipends or regular support from Rome or our diocese. We are happy to accept anything that is given to us, and this summer alone we have received many welcome gifts of produce of various kinds. Blessed be God (and all our benefactors whom He inspires)!
Sr. Mary Lucy happily poses with some of the fruits of our cherry labors! Sister just turned 89 on the 4th of July, making her the oldest sister in our community. She also received a beautiful flag-decorated cake as a gift for her birthday celebration–and it was delicious, thanks so much for it!

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