Exaltation of the Cross, 2013

\”Those who believe in Jesus, crucified and risen, carry the cross in triumph as an indisputable proof that God is love. With the total gift of himself on the cross, our Savior decisively conquered sin and death.\” –Blessed Pope John Paul II
We all carry our crosses in life, as individuals, as communities. But this heavy, sometimes almost unbearable burden becomes easier to shoulder when we remember that we always have the help of Jesus as we go on our way. Jesus understands our sorrows, our pain, our hurts, our utter anguish better than anyone. He knows what we are going through and how much we can bear, and he does not ask more of us than he knows we can do. Sometimes–often–this seems impossible to understand. But we are asked to trust in Jesus, and keep walking on, carrying our cross with his help. God gave his only Son because he loved the world and wanted to redeem it. Can we accept that he loves us enough to ask us to share in our own small way in this work?

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