St. Therese and her Roses from Heaven

On this feast of St. Therese of Lisieux we invite you again this year to encourage anyone you know who might have a vocation to the religious life to consider his or her call. There are many ways to do this…the classic way for devotees of St. Therese is to give the person in question a rose. This is because people who pray to St. Therese for a favor usually request that she send a rose as confirmation that she got the message, so to speak, and is passing it on to God.

It doesn\’t have to be an actual rose…it could be a picture, a symbol, even someone\’s name. (Did we mention our novice directress is named Sr. Mary Rose?)

Anyway, if you know someone who\’s considering religious life, maybe God (through St. Therese) is giving you a nudge today to help that person in his or her discernment. Or maybe you\’re discerning yourself and have been waiting to see if any roses unexpectedly show up. If so–maybe this is your sign!

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