Celebrating Sr. Maria Guadalupe\’s Feast Day

We really do try to spend Advent in silent expectation and prayerful waiting. But sometimes things come up! Like Sr. Maria Guadalupe\’s first feast day as our prioress! We had to do a little something to show her our love and thanksgiving for all her dedicated service to our community.
Because her feast day falls in Advent, Sr. Maria Guadalupe asked for \”something simple\” and that is what we tried to provide. We watched an excellent movie about the life of St. Augustine in the morning, and had gifts in the afternoon and then a fun and actually relatively simple program. Here are some highlights of the day…

 The gift table in all its glory
Sister was delighted to receive a number of books for her feast day…she\’s truly a Dominican!
A beautiful painting of St. Martin de Porres
One talented sister crocheted an octopus for Sister! A charming and whimsical gift!
We sang the feast day song in the evening, and then each sister took a turn wishing Sr. Maria Guadalupe a happy feast!
Sr. Mary Jeremiah (assisted by Sr. Mary Gabriel) humorously described some places we might not want to visit, such as Cahoots, Conclusions, and other unusual spots
Sr. Mary Thomas and Sr. Mary Margaret entertained the community with several piano duets.
Sr. Mary John and Sr. Mary Rose concluded our evening with a rendition of \”Ave Maria\”
What a great day! Now we are happy to return to our regularly scheduled Advent silence and waiting for the coming of Christ…although we never know what else God may have in store for us!

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