Christmas Throughout The Monastery

It\’s been very busy here at the Monastery, but we wanted to bring you some images of our decorations before we leap into 2014! Remember, the Christmas season lasts until the Baptism of the Lord (which is on January 12). So don\’t take that Christmas tree and creche down too soon!

The sisters show off their cupcake baskets for the Knights of Columbus. Our faithful Knights have been cooking Christmas dinner for us for 31 years! We are so grateful to them for all their kindness to us–in so many ways! 
The refectory creche. The novitiate really did a fantastic job this year!
The library creche
Our beautiful statue of Mary and Jesus, decorated!
The creche in the Guild office
The community room…
The chapter hall…
…and the Chapel!
As you can see, we have all  kinds of creches and decorations which each in their own way express the mystery of the Incarnation–Emmanuel, God with us! We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and we pray that 2014 will be blessed and joyful for you all!

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