Snow on Lotus Lane

As we finished Compline last night, it started snowing…and this morning we awoke to a rare (for Lufkin) winter wonderland! We haven\’t had a snow like this since…2010?? And this was heavier snow than we had back then!

Snow on the magnolia tree–and on Our Lady!
 In the woods
Another shot of the woods. You can see the novitiate building at the left.
The snow-covered angel at our flagpole.
By noon, the snow was beginning to melt, although it was still pretty cold outside–for Lufkin. We realize for many parts of the United States and some parts of the world snow is no big deal because it happens every winter, or at least more often than not. But for us it was an opportunity to wonder anew at God\’s marvelous works. And maybe to throw a snowball or two! \”Bless the Lord, ice and snow, praise and glorify him forever!\” (Daniel 3:70)

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