Tet 2014

It\’s that time of year again–the Lunar New Year, or Tet as our Vietnamese sisters call it! We have come full circle this year–we began our community celebrations of Tet in 2002 (which was also the Year of the Horse) and now we are starting (so to speak) another 12-year cycle! Over the years our celebrations have varied but some things remain constant, like our traditional dance choreographed by Sr. Mary Christine. We\’ll let the pictures of the dance speak for themselves!
 After the dance the sisters enjoyed delicious Vietnamese treats and lucky money envelopes.
It was all so good! Many thanks to those who provided us with these treats!
Some of the sisters in our community who were born in the Year of the Horse: Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Maria Guadalupe, and Sr. Mary Veronica
We played some fun games and in the end everyone received a little gift. It was truly a wonderful celebration and a great opportunity to learn more of our sisters\’ varied cultural traditions and grow in our mutual love in Christ. We look forward to next year! 
Sr. Bernadette Marie and Sr. Irma display their New Year gifts.

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