Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, Part 2

The feast of the Presentation of the Lord is celebrated beautifully at the Monastery, with light, joyful songs, and a procession inside the cloister from the chapter hall to the main chapel. Each nun carries a candle that has just been blessed by the priest. It is as if we were going with the Holy Family to Jerusalem to fulfill the prescriptions of the Law of Moses–the purification of the Mother and the presentation of her first-born Son, Jesus, in the temple where God is present. 
Mary is holy and pure, but she chose to submit herself to the Law, although she did not need to do so. Her actions show her obedience to the will of the Lord. Mary offered to God her first-born Son, the true \”Lamb of God\”. When Jesus is brought to the temple by his parents, Simeon was inspired by the Holy Spirit to recognize him as the true Savior of the world. He proclaimed Jesus as \”a light for revelation to the nations\”. He added that Jesus would be a \”sign of contradiction\” and that a sword will pierce his Mother\’s heart. The parents were astounded and awed when they heard the divine mystery and plan that God had generously revealed to them. 
Today we are invited to join the procession to welcome Jesus into our hearts. He is our true light and freedom, sent by God to save the world. With confidence in God\’s mercy and Christ\’s love, \”let us go to God\’s house\”, offering ourselves and those who are dear to us to the most gentle and loving Father.

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