Monastery Bells…and Raffle 2014–UPDATED

We just sent out our latest issue of \”Monastery Bells\”–which you can read online here if you can\’t wait for the mail! We are also having sending out our raffle tickets in this issue. If you would like to participate in the raffle but do not receive our mailings, just send us your name and snail mail address and we\’ll fill out some tickets for you. It\’s that easy! Sorry, we can\’t send prizes outside the USA for various reasons. You can see our prizes (well, most of them) here. Raffle drawing will be on Easter Sunday so send those tickets in!!

UPDATE: We just added pictures of the jewelry (that\’s the 4th raffle prize) so you can check them out here. Remember we just draw randomly for the prizes…you can\’t specify which you prefer! Thanks so much for your help and support!

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