Visiting Friars, 2014: Fr. Thomas Schaefgen, OP

Last week we were privileged to have Fr. Thomas Schaefgen, OP make a retreat here at our monastery. Father stayed in our guest room outside and celebrated Mass for us every day. We met him a few years back when he was a novice, and this time we really enjoyed getting to know him better!

Fr. Thomas is a new priest–he was ordained less than a year ago, in June 2013–but he preaches very well and has a great pastoral manner. Fr. Thomas belongs to our southern Dominican province of St. Martin de Porres and currently resides and ministers in the New Orleans area. We did ask him \”which Thomas are you?\”–Thomas the Apostle is his patron, not Thomas Aquinas! We hope he will be able to come again for another visit soon–and we encourage his brother friars to visit us, too!

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